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Heat Pump

Energy Efficiency Credits (EEC) are offered with the stipulation that no other credits, rebates or special rates/discounts apply. All rebates require a copy of the paid receipt.

All EEC rebates must be requested within 120 days of installation. 

Click the link to see that your product qualifies-ENERGY STAR Product Finder API & Datasets | EPA ENERGY STAR

Please contact us for more information.


Air Source
Split or single package systems
Tier 1 (HSPF > = 9 & SEER > = 15)     
  2 Ton or Less $675/ton $125/ton
Greater Than 2 Ton $1,800/unit $150/ton
Tier 2 (HSPF > = 10 & SEER > = 16)    
2 Ton or Less $1,000/unit $125/ton
Greater Than 2 Ton $2,400/unit $150/ton
Air-to-water unit (EER > = 19 and COP > = 4) $450/ton $150/ton
  • Minimum qualifying load is 1 ton
Ground Source    
New Installation $500/ton $250/ton
Replace Existing Unit $250/ton $125/ton
  • Minimum qualifying load is 3/4 ton

*Not more then 50% of the equipment cost.



Effective Date 01/01/22


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