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PREMA will be conducting a scheduled power outage on Monday January 31st from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm on the east circuit of our Lakeside substation. The areas affected by this outage will be from Lakeside east to Ellsworth, along with north of Ellsworth and south of Bingham. This outage is necessary to replace several poles from previous storm damage.  Automated calls will be going out Friday to our consumers that will be affected by this outage.  If you have any questions, please call our office at 308-762-1311.






The deadline is quickly approaching! Do yourself a favor and take the time to complete the scholarship application. Both freshman and grad students can apply. The scholarship can be found up top under the scholarship tab. The deadline is Friday February 11th at 4:30pm.





PREMA Aligning Rates With Costs

Recently PREMA contracted with Utility Financial Solutions to perform a cost-of-service study. As part of this study, a slate of retail rates were developed that are supported by the cost-of-service study.  These rates were approved at the November 23, PREMA Board of Directors meeting.

The new rate structure will apply to electric use beginning January 1, 2022.  These rates are designed to be revenue neutral.

The primary objective of a cost-of-service study is to determine, as precisely as possible, what it costs the cooperative to provide electricity to an individual rate class.  A rate class is a grouping of electric users that have similar characteristics like residential customers or irrigating customers.

The secondary objective of a cost-of-service study is to determine how costs will be allocated to each rate class.  Cost-of-service studies also provide information about which rate classes are providing revenues in excess of their costs and which rate classes are providing revenues insufficient to cover their costs. These studies can be used as guides in designing retail rates.

Most of PREMA’s costs are fixed or semi-fixed meaning, the costs do not change when customers use a lot of electricity or very little electricity.  PREMA’s goal is to continue to move toward a rate structure, similar to a cell phone rate, where it does not matter how much is used.  All customers will pay a fair amount for their electric service.

Rate Changes for 2022

The Cost of Service Study (CoSS) showed a need to increase the service charge and decrease the kWh charge.  This rate change was a restructuring, with the long-term goal being to have retail rates that recover costs based on the CoSS.  PREMA will continue to adjust rates in this manner over time, with the service charge increasing and the kWh usage charge decreasing.

The “Service Charge”, referred to on the bill, is a monthly, fixed charge designed to recover costs that are fixed (regardless of how much electricity is used) such as depreciation, taxes, interest, insurance and labor cost of maintaining the electric system.  The Service Charge is not affected by the amount of electric power consumed by any one customer.









PREMA is seeking a Journeymen line tech to fill a vacancy on the line crew in Alliance, NE.  An Apprentice lineman may be considered.  Alliance is the main office and consists of six linemen.

Applicants must have a Certificate of Completion or Associates Degree from credited Power Linemen School.  Verifiable linework experience may be considered.

Qualified applicants must have a valid Nebraska CDL or be able to obtain one within 45 days of employment.

Qualified applicants must have a current CPR/FIRST AID/ AED card.

Experience with RUS construction standards is a plus.

Successful applicant will be required to submit to a pre-employment background check, physical examination and drug and alcohol tests.

PREMA offers a competitive wage with an excellent benefits package.

PREMA’s service territory covers 7,200 square miles in the central part of the Nebraska Panhandle and western sandhills.  Alliance has a population of approximately 8,000 people with excellent schools, hunting and fishing.

Applications for this position will be accepted until filled.
For a job application please select the about us tab at the top of this page then scroll down to PREMA Employment. Please direct any questions to Boone Manion, at 308-762-1311.  Completed applications along with a resume shall be mailed to:    



         Attn: Boone Manion

         PO Box 677

         Alliance, NE  69301


Starting salary will be dependent upon verifiable experience.


Panhandle Rural Electric Membership Association is an equal opportunity provider and employer.







PREMA Board Approves 2022 Budget

With No Rate Increase


     The PREMA Board of Directors, at its October 26, 2021 meeting, approved a budget which included estimated total revenue of $14,500,000 and net margins of just over $1,400,000 and no rate increase.  The budget also includes a capital credit payment to the members of $490,000 or 3.4 percent of budgeted revenue.  Any margins at the end of the year will be allocated to the membership. 

     The budget reflects purchased power costs from Tri-State at over $7,751,000 which is 60 percent of PREMA’s total operating costs.

     Included in the 2022 budget is $411,000 for replacement of equipment including four pickup trucks and a UTV.  It also includes continued funding of preventative maintenance programs such as pole testing, tree trimming and substation testing. 

     Each year, certain financial ratios must be maintained to adhere to PREMA’s mortgage agreements with lenders.  The 2022 budget produced ratios that comply with these agreements.

     PREMA continues to invest in new plant (such as poles, wires and transformers).  These investments make PREMA’s electric system more reliable especially during severe weather.

     PREMA employees are dedicated to the mission of providing high quality electric service at a reasonable rate.  We at PREMA look forward to serving your electrical needs in the New Year.  If you have any questions, please contact our office at 308-762-1311.




Panhandle Rural Electric Membership Association is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

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