A surge of electricity sent down the wire from a distant bolt of lightning or an excited squirrel in the transformer or high winds swaying the lines can send excess voltage through your electric meter and into your home.  A whole-house surge protector, installed behind the meter on the pole outside the home can protect a lot more than just one piece of equipment (but does not take the place of individual surge suppressor’s on each piece of electrical equipment).  Surge protectors at the meter are designed to be “first stage” surge suppression.

For more information, check Leviton Whole House Surge Protectors.

PREMA can also recommend surge protection for individual appliances, satellite television dishes and telephones. Contact PREMA at 308-762-1311 for details on any surge protection device that may require additional wiring.


Monthly fee for first stage surge suppression is $4.90 per month.


Effective Date 01/01/2020