Single or three phase is at the discretion of PREMA.

(Rate Class 23) - Service Charge $55.00 monthly

First 600 kWh/month @ $0.21600/kWh

Over 600 kWh/month @ $0.13370/kWh

(Rate Class 46) - Service Charge $100.00 monthly

First 1200 kWh/month @ $0.19050/kWh

Over 1200 kWh/month @ $0.13370/kWh

The minimum charge shall be $55.00 a month for single phase and $100.00 a month for three phase services.

The above rates are net, the gross rates being 10 percent higher. In the event that the current monthly bill is not paid on or before the 25th of the month, the gross rates shall apply.


Effective Date 01/01/2024