PREMA's 2022 Pole Inspection Begins
Global Utility Crew

PREMA’s 2022 Pole inspection will begin June 8th

Global Utility Inspections from Fort Collins, Colorado has been contracted to do this work. The area to be tested this year will be north of Madison road to just south of Box Butte Reservoir. Also west of Highway 87 to County Road 82.


The purpose of a planned pole inspection program is to reveal damaged poles caused by natural decay, equipment or insects/rodents.  Then, corrective action can be taken with a goal being to extend the life of the poles.


Decay of treated poles is usually a gradual deterioration caused by fungi and other low forms of plant life.  Damage from insect/rodent attack (termites, ants and voles) is usually considered jointly with decay because preservative treatment of wood protects against both fungi and insects.  In most cases, the decay of creosote and penta-treated poles will be just below the ground line where the conditions of moisture, temperature and air are most favorable for growth of the fungi.


Our inspection process involves a visual inspection of each pole looking for mechanical damage, significant cracks, signs of insect activity or any other defect with the pole that may result in a pole failure and/or rejection.  We will then complete a sound and bore test of the pole, where we expose the pole below the ground line, bore the pole at an angle on two different sides, determine the size of the decayed pocket below the ground line, if any, and sound the pole above ground line with a hammer looking for the decayed pocket to extend above the ground line.


All treated poles eventually lose resistance to decay.  Ground line treatment with effective preservatives provides an economic extension of their physical life.  Experience has shown that a well designed and implemented ground line inspection and maintenance program can significantly increase the service life of many poles.